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Christine Strahm grew up in a musical family and her mother was teaching her playing the harpsichord before she went to school. When she was eight years old she was given harp lessons by Naomi Mihara in Berne.
She studied with Geneviève Chevallier at the ‘Conservatory of Fribourg’ in order to get the teaching diploma in 2003
After that she studied at the ‘Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussels’ in Belgium with Anne-Sophie Bertrand for the final diploma of ‘Master of Music’ which she passed ‘with excellent distinction’.
During her studies, she went to masterclasses at the ‘Académie Pierre Jamet’ with Isabelle Moretti, Marie-Claire Jamet and Isabelle Perrin in Gargilesse, France and with Ursula Holliger in Sermoneta; Italy. She studied a long time at Germaine Lorenzini's in Lyon, France. Today she improves her skills with Deborah Henson-Connant and Park Stickney.

Christine Strahm won prizes at the Swiss Youth Music Competition in 1995 and 1999. She got another prize of ‘Les Amis du Conservatoire de Fribourg’ for efforts ‘En faveur de la musique récente et le jeu d’ensemble’.

Christine Strahm plays the solo-parts in harp concerts with orchestra, as soloist in subscriber concerts from the BeKB Classic, UBS in the castle Waldeck, Solothurn, Appearances as a soloist in TV SRF. Chambermusic concerts in various formations orea ensemble Numerous concerts with orchestras and choires
She is harp teacher in bolligen and Langnau i.E.
plays in projects in different styles like folk and improvisation.

She is also a soulcentred coach and mother of two children.